Question about Cineworld

    Probably a daft question, but my boyfriend and I aren't really cinema goers - when we do go it's on the free screenings.

    Is the price shown on the Cineworld website the price you'd pay if you didn't book online and just went there? Or are they unrelated special web prices?

    The thing we want to see is is £5.40 + 70p booking fee online - so would it be £5.40 if we just go and buy a ticket at the desk?

    It's just that £5.40 seems cheap...other cinemas I have checked like Showcase and Odeon seem to be charging £8 - £10 for the same thing!

    Thank you



    is that a childs price

    i went to cineworld the other day, and for adults after 5pm and at weekends it £7.50. £5.20 for students (and possibly for adults at other times - cant remember sorry)

    the prices on the internet are usually what you would pay on the day (without booking fee)

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    Definitely adult price (though it is £5.90 + 70p fee, not £5.40 like I said!!).

    I suppose my main question is - is the price shown on the website the price I will pay if I go at the desk? Is it worth paying the booking fee to secure the tickets online or is that a waste of £1.40?



    i suppose it depends if you want a guarentee, daughter has occasionally gone to see a film and gets there and cant see as film is overbooked

    Is the £5.90 the price for a showing before a certain time eg 5pm?

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    Nope, 8pm.

    Hmmm, I'm sure the adult tickets cost is over £7 at my local cineworld, so I doubt the £5.90 is correct///

    Just checked, it's £6 before 5pm and £7.20 thereafter...

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    I thought it seemed a bit strange, I think I have worked out it's because it's a Tuesday though....apparently Tuesday is 'Bargain Tuesday' and the regular price for the delux screen is £5.10 + 80p for the 3D glasses

    Hopefully it'll be that price when we go as well and it's not a special web offer!

    tue at my cineworld is £4.30


    Just go on a Wednesday and get an Orange 2 for 1 code to make it cheap as chips for ya

    Tuesdays are half price at ciniworld.....assume that's all of them:thumbsup:

    I know Odeon add £ onto the top if you book the seat in advance


    Tuesdays are half price at ciniworld.....assume that's all of … Tuesdays are half price at ciniworld.....assume that's all of them:thumbsup:

    Not mine I don't think :x
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