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Found 5th Jun 2012
As part of my extended warranty, the insurance place has chosen this repairer. They seem like quite a big operation.

Has anyone used them before? How are they? Are they fairly speedy at 'fixing' your console? I've a feeling my HDD needs replacing and that is it, hoping they don't tear open the console for the sake of it.

Presumably they'd power it on and see what the problem is before going all surgeon-like? Hope they just switch HDDs, figure out that is the fix and then leave it at that...
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This is your 3rd thread about this PS3 problem.

This is your 3rd thread about this PS3 problem.

But this time I'm asking about Console Doctor!

Thought I made it clear this was the next step in my process toward console seventh heaven?
Print/write out a note/letter with what you think the issue is; what has been happening with your PS3; and what you have tried doing to resolve the issue. Tape the note/letter (possiblly in a labelled envelope) to the acutal PS3, so it doesn't get lost in any packaging. Hopefully someone will have the sense to read it before working on your PS3!

Console Doctor PS3 HDD Problems

Probably expect about a week.

The rest of the above website will tell you the other times for fixing faults.

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