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    I've started work at a call centre where existing staff are paid double on sundays, a new agency now runs the account i work on and new employees are only paid single time, i imagine this is perfectly legitimate but it seems very unfair, and means i'm more likely to be picked for a sunday shift as it costs them half as much! Do i have any sort of grounds to refuse to work sunday shifts? I'm happy to either work sundays and be paid the same as everyone else or just work monday-saturday at the basic rate, but i refuse to be paid half as much as someone sat next to me doing the exact same thing.

    Sorry if i'm ranting but it's an annoying situation and i don't know whether there is anything i can do about it.

    Thanks in advance for genuine replies



    I would guess it would depend on your contract. Many companies have employees on different terms and conditions, particularly more recent employees where they have tightened their belts. it will also depend on how well your union may have negotiated terms for staff. Maybe not a lot of chance of doing anything on your own, but you could make enquiries to ensure you have the correct terms. Look for a new job, but best have something in the meantime.

    I think the right to refuse to work Sundays only applies to shops and similar, not call centres, but it is unfair. But then you are LESS likely to be picked for redundancy if you are cheaper to keep on... If it is clear to the higher paid people that they are NOT being picked to work Sundays then they would, I imagine, have a case for discrimination - so I don't think you will be picked any more than anyone else - and if you agreed to all this before you found out about everyone else's pay, your only problem is jealousy. You are new, they've been there ages, you are on a different contract, times change, you can't expect the same. Maybe once you have shown your worth the company involved will take you on as a permanent staff member, rather than an agency contractor (if that is the case - it sounds like it is) and you will get better pay/treatment. Maybe it is something you can negotiate with them... speak to whoever is in charge of your employment and ask why there is such a difference.

    As above. Your pay and contracted working hours are stated in your contract of employment. Unfortunately those are your terms. It's irrelevant what the person next to you is paid.

    I work for an IT corp with lots of older guys who are ex-Civil service. We do the same job but they get paid at least double what I do and have amazing benefits. I got a £200 pa pay rise this year - god knows what they got.

    It's just tough.

    Try contacting ACAS. See what they say.

    You can't refuse (unless it means you're working over 48 hrs a week and you've not opted out)... I see the salaries for pretty much everyone at our company in this country (around 7000 in the UK) and there are HUGE differences between salaries! For instance, one VP gets 90k plus benefits, another is on 250k plus bens but they're the same grade! It's kind of just tough... if you don't like it, move on! Have you been with the company a long time? People who stay at the same company tend to get paid less than the market rate so you may be better off moving elsewhere (although not sure that would apply to call centre jobs).

    Again, depends on how long you worked there and contract. Know there was a lot of probs for someone I knew who worked for Tesco with new staff complaining about the same thing as staff there for a while had loads more benefits.

    In b4 the "you should just be grateful you have a job" lot get in from working late to creep to the boss

    you knew the pay and conditions when you were offered the job you took the job therefore were happy with pay and conditions

    and you have no case
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