Question about ebay sale

    Hi! I'm trying to sell some stuff on ebay.
    I received an email soon after one auction started: This is the email:

    is the item in full working order with all attachments, and if i buy this item would it be ok to collect it on sunday 14th of february as this is the best time to collect this item in which would mean it would be better if you ended the sale of this item before then, and i will pay in cash too.

    What do you think? What is his plan? Is it free to end an auction and if how do you do it?
    My plan is to wait till auction ends (which is around 6pm), but I just wanted to hear your opinion.




    well how much he offered to buy it at

    Original Poster

    I have a start price at 100pounds. But he hasn't offered any specific sum . Just got this one email.

    Yeah lol is he offering a good price? what is it? saves you ebay fees and paypal fees with cash on collection, don't accept paypal if he's collecting though.

    you can add a buy it now price after the item has been listed, but i think there is a small fee to do this?

    find out how much he is willing to pay

    ask him what price he would offer and play it down a bit say you're more than happy to let the auction run.


    I wouldnt end it early, lots of timewasters

    if you ended it early, he would mess you around with payment, not worth it imo

    just let the auction run, tell him he can bid if he wants, but you wont change any terms

    theres no fee for ending early, ask him what hes offering, but dont end until u have the money in ur hands, then just end the auction, if u put a buy it now on ull get fees and a final fee, which is 10% or something of ur price minus postage charges. also make sure he knows that by doing this there is no comeback, any problems with whtever it is and its his problem, nothig to do with u as soon as its in his hands. That what I would do anyway
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