Question about ending Lovefilm Trial.

    I normally get films from a local rental shop, but recently the prices have gone up and i always have problems finding somewhere to park my car while i go to the store.

    So i am contemplating joining Lovefilm for the trial to see what films they have and generally what the service is like. But the are two things i am unsure of and i have looked at old thread on here and the love film website but my questions are still unanswered.

    The first one is do you cancel the trial when you still have a DVD or when you have sent one back. Im not sure if it makes sense, but what im trying to say is do they have to have the last dvd before i can cancel?

    If i do decide to join them after the trial, do i enter a contract for a certain time frame (e.g. a set number of months) or do can i cancel even after one month. (As there are some months i have more time on my hands, but when i have a big workload theres no point in renting films)

    Any help would me much appreciated.


    You can tell them you want to cancel whilst you still have the film but the cancellation will only take place once they've received it back. So just allow enough time for your last DVD to be returned to them.

    You can cancel any time you like, just as long as you have returned any DVDs that you have rented. Or you could take a 'holiday' and cancel deliveries for a set number of weeks/months.

    Never had any problems with them.

    you have to send all films back and clear ur rental list before cancellin i just cancelled mine as i never got round to watching them just gave them a call and cancelled it was quick and easy you pay month by month so u can cancel at any time

    You can cancel before you send your last rentals back and once they receive them your account is then closed.If you are going to cancel do it at night because if you try in the day they give you a number to call instead and they will try to get you to stay with them.

    I joined on the 3 month trial and i have done this twice it tells you when you first payment is due mine was the 9th of October this can be found under your account once you have logged in just cancel before the first payment is due.

    Original Poster

    thanks for the info. rep will be give for taking the tim eto reply.

    i just wanted some information before i actually did join. As i did not want to end up being tied into a contract or something. So will join tonight.

    thanks guys:thumbsup:

    they are so rubbish at the moment. taking over a week to turn around dvds
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