Question about glasses

    I had often headache in the past weeks after reading things on the screen and in books and realised today that I can't read small letters in distance, which my friend can.

    What is the normal way to get glasses? Go to the gp or direct to some opticians.
    Where do I get the best offers?

    Thanks for any advice!


    Go into any opticians and ask for an eye test appointment. i have always found specsavers to be very helpful.

    Go to the opticians. My daughter gets new glasses every few months, They are free for children and people on low incomes i think

    best way to do it is go and get an eye test at a reputable optician-you are under no obligation to buy the glases from them however-you can get your prescription and take that anywhere you like.

    asda do some cheap deals if you have one nearby with an optician.

    there are also mega cheap places online you can get glasses from once you have your prescription.

    Are you claiming anything under the NHS or 18 and under and in full time education as if you are claiming under certain things you are can get a free eye test and possible some help towards your glasses.
    As has been said before go to an optican as your DR will only tell you to go to one 1st..If it is a medical problem your optican will refer you to a dr.
    Vision express have a sale on at moment on some of the glasses and they are also doing complete spec from £99..also worth haggling if your shopping on the high street too!

    Ive always found specsavers very good, and do all different price range glasses

    free eye test listed here…te/ with Dolland & Aitchison & then see what they say ...
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