Question about iphone.

    If I get an unlocked iphone I know I wont be able to update the software on my computer as it will lock its self again. My question is, if I do eventually go over to O2 will I be able to update the software then without it causing any problems?
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    can only upgrade the software with a hacked software i believe

    yeah you would have to upgrade with the hacking firmware version.
    is quite easy now, the tests of the next firmware (2.0) have already been hacked.
    rumour has it the next firmware will not be locked anyway.

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    Right im really confused now!!!
    I thought that by unlocked it meant that I could put any sim card in (Im on Orange) I heard that when itunes askes to be updated if you agree it will re-lock the phone back to O2. Sorry to sound really stupid but I have no idea what firmware is!

    The phone will work fine if you decide to go to o2. Not sure if that answers your question:thinking:
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