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Found 18th Nov 2007
This may seem a silly question but can anyone tell me what the difference is with a high speed memory card as opposed to the normal ones as I have just bought a new Sony camera and I am not sure about the cards.


I believe that it is something to do with the speed that data can be read and written to/from the card. I guess that if it can be written to quicker, the camera is able to take another picture sooner.

Hopefully this 'bump' will allow someone more technical minded to give you a proper answer that is more accurate than my guess.

The difference, as thesaint said, is the speed at which the card is written to & read from. However, the limiting factor is the speed at which the device that the card is in can operate.

With a camera, there isn't any benefit in having a faster card unless the camera maker says specifically that the camera can work better with the faster speed card.

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Many thanks, now I know I dont need to waste my money.

I think in some ways fast memory cards are a little overhyped for some uses - for many compact cameras it's unlikely people will notice much difference in performance due to the camera not always being able to use the speed of the card and many won't shoot fast enough to take advantage of the speed.

Comparatively SLRs tend to have faster and longer burst mode shooting plus they are able to write to the cards faster as well. That's where I find a higher speed card is beneficial, for my compact camera I just stick with a class 4 4GB SDHC.

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