Question about mid range Dell laptops

Hi all,

I have been lurking for ages on this website but I feel it is time to use all your knowledge to help me

I'm not after a TOP end machine, but am willing to spend around £800-£900. My question is, do the XPS machines have any benefit over inspiron/vostro machines? by this I mean do they use higher quality components or is it just the cases that are better? I know about the memory, gfx card etc but I mean items which you can't specify (motherboard & keyboard for example).

Basically if I plump for a highly upgraded inspiron/vostro, am I going to be missing anything meaningful that an XPS would have? except for the fingerprint reader

Cheers guys & gals



vostro's arent exactly eye candy


I have owned an XPS M1530 and have several Vostro notebooks, if your not looking for low weight and eye candy casing the Vostro range are better value for money with as good a warranty too.

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Thanks for your response Mike. Now i just have to wait for a cracking deal to surface
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