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    I've recently stumbled upon this while looking for a mobile phone contract:…ver

    The first deal says 13.33 per month (effective cost) for 18 months, but it would require a redemption every few months or so. My question is, how would one go about claiming all the redemption money and is it hard to do?

    13.33 a month sounds pretty sweet to me, are there any hidden costs or stuff?


    Cashback deals usually mean that you have to send in specified bills within certain (often very restricted) time scales or run the risk of losing all the cashback. You also rely on the company you bought the phone from still being in business when the cashback is due. If they are, then most of them seem to pay the cashback with varying degrees of difficulty. As long as you follow the terms and conditions of the deal about sending in claims you should be OK. I don't think that Dialaphone are any better (or worse) than any of the other cashback companies.

    The biggest risk, particularly the way the economy is going at present, is that Dialaphone might stop trading, in which case you won't get the cashback. As long as you are aware of the risks and are prepared to take them, cashback deals can be good buys. Generally not very popular with HUKD members though.

    if you can find DuckMagic2, hes has a link in his signature about mobile cashback deals and how to claim the cashback successfully. that'd be my first point of call if i were you

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    Thanks for the advice!
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