Question about mobile phones in the USA

    Can you use any mobile phone in the USA, is the SIM card the same size like in Europe ?


    Your post is a bit confusing,
    you do mean can you buy any phone in America and put your sim in it?
    If so I wouldnt as America uses different frequencies for their phone networks, and you'd have to make certain it was a quad band phone to work properly here, also make certain it's NOT a CDMA phone, these cannot be used here, as we use GSM

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    I'm maybe moving to the States. Just wanted to check if they have the same models like in theUK before buying a new mobile.

    America is pretty weird with phones in the sense that you pay to receive as well as make calls. Go to radioshack and get one of the pay as you go phones. Dont go to AT&T and the like they sell you a ridiculous package.

    I was over there recently and bought my self and other half one each from walmart. Smart little flip phone with camera, bluetooth etc for 20 bucks each and free calls to each other.

    Maybe worth doing until you work out what you want. Radio Shack is too expensive ;-)


    when do you go?

    Buy a phone once your there.
    That way you can be certian the phone will actually work.
    if you but one here there's a 50/50 chance it will work.

    GSM is available in some places in America but not all
    CDMA is much more popular and none of the handsets for sale in the UK are cdma.

    Does anyone know if the Helio Ocean 2 will be available here?
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