Question about Mobiles and internet bundles

    Hello, Im about to add a internet bundle to my orange account and saw next to it that it also has a email section which is another £5.

    I was wondering if i buy the internet bundle does this include emails too? or are they expecting me to get the email section for emails aswell?

    The phone ill be using is a HTC Hero

    Thanks in advance



    email would mean that you would get a email account from orange (i think).. i have an iphone and i only have the internet bundle for £5 for my iphone and i recieve my push emails from my hotmail/g-mail account

    Sounds like it may be referring to Blackberry services? To get push mail on a Blackberry, you need to pay an additional fee for Blackberry services usually on top of an internet bundle which sound slike what you're looking at.


    Original Poster

    Ok cool, just found it abit confusing, but yeah makes sence £5 for a email address / blackberry service. Thanks guys will rep both of u.
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