Question about orange broadband term length...

Found 29th Feb 2008
I signed up for a new mobile contract back in May last year, at the same time I decided to go for their unlimited broadband service for an extra £5 per month.

Due to the recent capping of my broadband at peek times (between 6pm - midnight). I've decided I'm wanting to change provider to the sky broadband package (40gb usage a month).

slightly bitter that my UNLIMITED broadband has been capped for EXCESSIVE use.

I'm not 100% certain if the broadband was a cancel anytime contract or if it was 12/18months, anyone else on the "pay £5 on top of your mobile" broadband contract.

also any feedback on sky broadband?
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I have the orange broadband, £5 a month deal and unfortunately its for 18 months

when did you sign up to your broadband with them?
about 9 months ago now. I had to extend my phone contract at the same time. Just call them they will tell you if can cancel.
i moved from orange in february. my account was limited because i downloaded 45 gb and their fair useage policy states 40gb a month (god knows where!). they limited at the end of August last year and I got a letter from them the day before yesterday saying that they have lifted my limit! i have been with bt since February 1st! Useless chuffers
Just asked for my MAC will cost me £20 to leave the contract, because of the short period of time remaining.

strange company they tell me that i was capped because of excessive use, also that their download amount is 40gb/month I download 66GB in 2 months... and get capped, I think not amigo!!

so i'm going to be looking at joining sky BB any views on them as an ISP
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