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    If i set up a paypal account linked to my debit card, would paypal automaticly take the funds from my bank account just like a retailer would or would I have to sign somthing at the bank?



    You don' t sign anything at bank.

    Paypal as various ways of verification,like paying in amounts and you confirm them.

    If it comes from bank account,it usually comes out as an eCheque these take longer to clear than say a nirmal cheques does. Sometimes its a direct bank transfer depending how the account it,I not really use it much so can't remember exactly what causes it for some ppl to do eCheques.
    Usually you pay direct from the bank card,ideally credit card some say.

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    That was quick, thanks. rep given


    what exactly are you wanting to do?
    if you set it up as funding from your debit card then if no funds in your paypal account it would go through your card and appear on your statement as a debit card transaction to PAYPAl (retailers name)

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    Yeah thats what I was hopeing it would do, thanks mate.
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