Question about paypal please help

Found 25th Jun 2008
I have posted my Dslite and two games for any offers somewhere. My problem is i have been offered £150 plus postage to Nigeria being paid through paypal. Is this safe as im pretty chuffed with £150 but seem to good to be true??? What does anyone think?

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no dont touch nigeria. scam scam scam



Total scam...avoid!

seems like a good deal, go for it!

It is the most used con in whole universe

con con con

they used to try this on amazon market place with me. Its a Scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sold a phone on ebay,the buyers id said germany and he wanted it posted to nigeria,i thought it was a scam and got in touch with ebay and paypal,then i received loads of fake ebay and paypal emails,DONT SEND IT

cant send to germany no more cant remember why but new rules , never touch anywhere in africa
go to paypal forum boards and ask or search there for advice

Just to agree with everyone......

[COLOR="Plum"][SIZE="7"][COLOR="Yellow"]DO NOT post it........[/COLOR][/SIZE][/COLOR]

Nigeria is the home of scammers, damn those Nigerian internet cafes

Take a look at this web site about Nigerian scammers


no no no no

scam they used to just do it on phones looks like they do it on any thing now!
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