Question about playing my 360 on my monitor?

    Is there any way you can play your xbox 360 and you monitor through the same vga port without having to switch them over every time you want to change them? what i mean is that is there any thing like a box you can plub them both into and swap them when you want?


    Yeah its called a KVM. Theres hundreds on eBay.

    Yes I got 1 several years ago for the pc, had PS2 connectors on as well.

    Use 2 Desktops with the same monitor and keyboards.

    I initially went through a few different boxes before finding a good one, I ended up with a Belkin KVM but this also requires mains power (or USB if you have the PC running at the same time!) so you can then switch VGA Input. Works well though, may be other makes that are as good.
    I did try 2 manual switch boxes and these were terrible quality, they were quite old borrowed ones to try though!
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