Question about posting deals????

    Im not sure if this is the right place to ask this but it seems the most apt:

    I have some promotional codes for a website that i am part of - am i allowed to post this in the deals forum, or would this constitute spamming (as per the rules)??

    Dont want to break the rules!!!:thinking:


    I think you'll have to go via a mod if it's your own site mate

    You'd need to contact a mod/admin.

    Original Poster

    Ahh thanks Chris

    How do i do that - just PM one of them?


    Ahh thanks ChrisHow do i do that - just PM one of them?

    At the bottom of every page you will see a 'Contact Us' link. Click on it and away you go.:thumbsup:

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    i see i see....much appreciated!!


    i see i see....much appreciated!!

    No probs. Good luck.

    Everyone above has answered your Qs, thanks guys.

    And thanks for asking before posting Anup.
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