Question about Quidco

    Thinking of joining quidco. Just wondering how long does it normally take before you get you payment after buying something?


    2-3 months.

    depends on the merchant but normally a couple of months minimum


    It varies by merchant, but typically if you bought something today, it would be tracked by tomorrow, validated in a week's time, paid in a month's time and then you would get the payment into your bank by the start of the following month. Some merchants do take longer to validate or pay

    So in summary, minimum 4 weeks, maximum 3 months.

    Why does it matter if it takes 3 moths or 2 days, if you're going to be spending the money anyway, it just makes purchases cheaper.

    Over the past 8 months, without always remembering to use Quidco, i've made £27.34 cashback, and thats after the 1st £10 they take as their cut.

    I'd reckon I was nearer the £40-£50 had I remembered to use it on all the purchases I could have used it on.

    I think topcashback is better tho, they take no cut and have similar % rate to quidco

    they dont take £10, its £5 a year and only take it from your earnings, you dont pay out of your own pocket !
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