HI so i have joined quidco but i am struggling to understand it.
Can anyone give me a lowdown as im a bit slow to cotton on to these things lol
for example if i was to shop on tesco for clothes i go to quidco and click the link from their website and it takes me to tesco do i need to do anything else or does it do it all from there?
ie do i have to put another code or just shop as usaual?
also what can you do with the cash back can you get it put in your bank account or do you have to use it online?
sorry for silly questions but i couldnt find any description on their web site i just signed up as every one is always saying about it lol
also how long does it take to get the cash back and is it any good
kind regards


find the website on quidco, go onto the website through quidco, don't close the window before you buy something and pay for it, then eventually quidco will track with cashback.

Cashback can go into paypal account of bank account you change it on your settings

you click on link through quidco and shop as normal you need to clear your cookies each time or the quidco might not track cashbac is paid to a bank account every 2-4 weeks def worthwile i have made nearly £1000 in cashback in less than 3 years and im not a heavy shopper

Just click on the link and shop as normal.
Any cashback earned is yours and is put in your bank account or Paypal if you desire.
Remember though that quidco charge £5 per year but that is taken from any earnings you have earnt and is not payable upfront. So say you end up with a £80 cashback for example, they will take £5 and the rest is yours, like wise for every other transaction for a whole year.
Monies are normally paid to Quidco after about 3 months.
Another cashback site that does not charge is

use topcashback they dont charge anything for using them and the more you buy via them the high points you get towards your cashback per store/site

as above, use Topcashback, they dont charge you a yearly fee
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think Quidco are in trouble. They said that they would do payment runs every 2 weeks, this happened a couple of times and that was it. it went back to monthly and lasdt payment run was 13 Oct 2010, over 5 weeks ago. No monies received for any transactions in the last 5 weeks either.

summits up.....

anyone know how to close your quidco account? im not owed any money and i use topcashback now, the cashback is much higher on most things with them and they track/validate normally within 48 hours. I dont want to have to pay another £5.00 for something i dont use

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Thanks everyone
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