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Found 7th Jul
I'm trying to decide the best way to keep in touch with someone while we're both abroad in different countries. I'll be in Vietnam and Three include that country in their roaming plans. My friend who is on Vodafone will be in Italy. I just wondered if texting between these two providers in this situation would incur any extra charges or would it be like messaging back at home?
Thanks for any advice.
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Not sure about outside EU, but if you were both in EU countries outside the UK (say for example your friend is in Italy and you were in France) you would not be charged anything extra. It's an absurd law which means calling/texting someone in another country when you are abroad is cheaper than calling/texting them in the UK!
Use whatsapp and WiFi when available
If Vietnam is covered by 3 as part of your basic roaming plan, then neither will incur additional charges. As you are both texting the Uk.
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