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Found 20th Aug 2016
Hello guys,
about a month ago I bought an economy class flight ticket to Germany from Ryan air; as the ticket was so cheap £138 return for me and my two daughters I thought there is no need for insurance as we are planing to stay with family member.
We will be travelling on 25 of Aug which is next week and yet the kids passport is still not dispatched when I phoned passport office they said they are awaiting a reply from the signatory but that person keep telling me he hasn't got anything long story short I don't think I will be able to get my kids passport ready for Wednesday therefore we wont be travelling on Thursday. Since I am not eligible for refund I am thinking of purchasing the insurance plus from Ryan air for £30.00 and claim refund than loosing it all. So my question is since this is my first time doing such stuff do you guys think I should go for it? the policy states this ''if you have failed to get the relevant
passport or visa''.
Another question is purchasing the policy separately have an effect as it hasn't been purchased with the ticket?
Thanks in advance.
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I would go to your nearest passport office and you should be able to get their passports there and then (well, that's what I think anyway). If you go with your kids and the signatory then they should be able to do it (obviously passport costs will apply unless they realise they've messed up your current passport "order".
Hi Eden0032, I asked but I was told it is impossible as it is first child passport, I am really disappointed and hopeless as it is our first trip abroad and they were (the kids) exicted and looking forward to it.
Thanks for your input tho
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You won't be able to claim on insurance if you already know you can't go on holiday when you buy it.
I wouldn't go anywhere abroad without insurance.
That's why you take insurance out when you book the holiday not wait till the day arrives and then book it doyou have a bank account with insurance
Really sorry to hear of your plight but insurance won't pay out even if you buy it now , as you know you will not be able to take the flight . Insurance covers way more than the cost of the flights so it's always wise to take it out when travelling abroad . A few years ago my father in law died the day before we were due to go to Crete . Would've been £1200 worse off without insurance . Your poor girls must be gutted . I'll keep all my fingers crossed the passports come in time . Keep badgering the passport office . You might get lucky . Perhaps they could fax the paperwork to the signatory .
Don't shed out more money to Ryanair for insurance. The excess will often be more for the flights. If the passports don't arrive on time cancel the tickets and you are entitled to get the tax back which makes up the vast majority of a Ryanair flight. You should expect to get at least 50% back. Better than shedding out more money on insurance and having to pay excess. Fingers crossed for you.
Thank you everyone for your input, they phoned the signatory yesterday morning and asked him lots of questions. It looks like they are working on it, if the passport didn't come through by Wednesday then I will cancel the ticket and claim the tax back as suggested by fearghalg.
Thanks again.
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