Question about setting up home network - Type T568A v T568B Cables

Posted 30th Dec 2013
hi folks
bit of a noob question here as regards networking considering putting one in the house
for example probably will go for say a 20 M Cat 6 cable to be safe from CPC
One end of the 20M lead straight into a gig switch in attic other end cut off and 8 wires into a keystone / wallplate (in livingroom) - then standard 2M patch lead from PC to wallplate - now to my knowledge a 2M patch lead is wired in the T568B style - open to correction on that ?

does anyone know if the longer runs of CPC Cat 6 (15-20M) are wired as T568A or T568B ?
does the 2M patch lead have to match the wiring of the (15 to 20M) lead that begins at switch and terminates in wallplate keystone
ie if the (15 to 20M) lead is T568A and the patch lead is T568B will i have problems ?
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I've never heard of those things. When I did my faceplates I just used the punchdown tool to put the colours in the corresponding slots.

It makes no difference as long as you do the same on both ends of the cable.
Keystone jacks should have a label on showing how to wire as TIA568A or B.

Just wire everyting as TIA568B
Most common, certainly in Europe anyway, is T568b. To be honest it doesn't really matter nowadays as 99.9% of modern gear does auto crossover if needed.
hi guys thanks so far

20M cable comes from CPC - remember i dont want to cut off BOTH ends only one that will go into wallplate
because i would need a crimping tool for that - want to leave one end intact if possible

scenario 1

assume 20M cable comes wired as T568A style - I cut ONE end and wire that into wallplate using T568A style -
(forced to wire it this style to match UNCUT end)
then i use standard 2M patch cable into wallplate from PC - these are usually T568B (the other standard)
so we have switch to wallplate as T568A style and wallplate to PC as T568B style - will this work OK ?

scenario 2
20M cable comes wired as T568B style ( this is what i'd prefer) - I cut ONE end wire that T568B style into wallplate - ( this is simple i know this will work OK)
because both 20M cable and 2M patch cable are both T568B (switch to wallplate and wallplate to PC)

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