Question about Sky TV on Xbox 360

    We don't have a Sky subscription but we do have a 360 on which I can sign up to watch Sky (for a subscription fee)

    Would we be able to login in on our 360 and use a family member's Sky ID / login details (with their permission) Or are Sky wise to this and can put some sort of block on it?


    Should be able to do that fine. I used to do that with sky player on the laptop the only thing is there are a limit to the amount of pc's you can do it on, five i think.

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    So even though it's NOT our account and someone 100 miles away pays for the subscription? I just wanted to double, double check as I don't want someone at Sky to notice an IP address a long way away is using a paid-for service.

    Yeah, I know a mate who has given his parents his login details, and they watch Sky Sports via their laptop plugged into their tv.

    As long as you are the only xbox connected to the account it's fine.
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