Question about Tesco Clubcard deals & vouchers, Help please :-)

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Found 27th Feb 2008
There´s something I want from the clubcard deals available at Tescos...
I have 10 pounds in vouchers at the moment. (and need 10 pounds more for
the deal I want)
My question is:
There are clubcard vouchers sold on ebay, can I use them with my account too?

If not I´ll just have to wait until the next statement with more vouchers I guess....

Any help and comments will be appreciated :-)


I think certain deals only accept vouchers in your own name, I don't know any more than that though. Members on MSE forum are pretty clued up on Clubcard info, it's probably worth asking over there.

If you need £10 more, then I suggest you order £50 worth of online groceries and use the "1000 extra points" voucher, thus gaining you 1050 points... or £10.50 in CC vouchers.

Plus, you get your weekly shopping done at the same time!

Even if you don't like Tesco groceries, you could spend £50 topping up on household essentials, or wine (as long as the wine is purchased through the groceries website so the voucher is valid)

There was a piece about vouchers in last weeks MSE email, some deals need all the vouchers to be in your name and others don't at the moment but from May I think they all have to be in your name. Probably worth checking the full article on the money saving website, under last weeks email.

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Mark , the 1000 points won´t work on our account. Tried it various times.
Always says it has been used the max number of times.

Does anyone have a link to this other site?
I don´t know it

Thanks guys!

Just choose the email highlights from last week for the article

Original Poster

Signed up and asked about it on there

i sell my tesco vouchers on ebay and how it works is - that the winner tells the seller what deal they want and once its delivered to the seller, they send the tickets onto the buyer. therefore i very much doubt it would work for you as you wouldnt be able to mix and match vouchers with different names.

Tesco Deals is linked with everything else in Tesco, so vouchers will have to be from your own clubcard account. You cant borrow or buy clubcard or deals vouchers.
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