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    Been looking for a Laptop for a while now, Also i have been considering 2nd depending on the Specs of the machine, I read somewhere Apple Macs are not plagued with virus,malware,trojans problem like the windows.

    So are they totally invicible?

    Coincedently today, a Student friend of mine,asked me if i would like to buy his Apple mac Laptop off him as he wants to upgrade, how easy is it restore the OS to its original Settings etc.


    Very easy if u have the original discs that came with the laptop, the Macs are considered more secure as there are less of them against window machines, so not as many specific mac virus are written. But as with every machine there will be exploits but the whole apple software experience is much more satisfying than microsoft offering. I changed to apple last year and haven't looked back

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    I'm going to make more enquiries about about his make, hopefully it will have a decent spec, fingers crossed.

    Also can i some how access my msn messenger or aleast be able to use my account on a mac?

    also is ms word files allowed to used on a mac as i have alot word Documents which are important? are they transferable between mac and windows. the reason is i dont have a printer so i tend to print stuff at work and all the PC's there are windows.


    msn messenger.
    i use Adium (which amalgates all the msn, yahoo, gmail, icq, etc) for messaging.

    MS office no problem we use that at the office.

    Microsoft is not great with their MS software upgrades for the Mac OS (like a few versions slower than the PC versions, admittedly so because of the competition) but we use MS word for the word/excel doc from our clients but not extensively as we have other softwares. i know some people use open source like Neo Office (use exactly like word, just different look, save files as word doc).

    with the mac, when you print it lets you choose 'save as pdf' too.

    Msn is also available, I use it but it is less functionable than the windows version

    I use Mac and PC and generally don't have problems with compatibility of MS docs. Note also that you can put windows on a Mac and then dual boot. So if you have lots of MS software, you can still run that on your mac

    Can someone help me instead of starting a new thread, ive been wanting a mac as i used to use the at school and loved them, but they say a lower spec mac compared to some laptops/pcs with higher spec run faster, but what sort of speed would i need in a mac to get it to run 1.7ghz + (of a pc/laptop speed) as im only looking for a cheapish one maybe after xmas.

    Hope that makes sense!

    Hi, its my first post but i'm a Mac fan. A cheap Mac would more than match up to pc. Depending on what you want it for a bottom of the range macbook/imac(2-2.2 dual core 2) will more than run everything, only limitations are expansion. Get the best processor you can afford, ram and hardrive are cheaper to upgrade after. If you want to run pro stuff you would be better getting a used Mac pro or even a g5 powermac which are very cheap now, although you cant run windows on a g5. Check ebay, lots of people selling refurbs etc for very cheap just be extremely careful as its an area with a lot of scamming but play your cards right and you can save a fortune.
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