Question about the Wilkinson Plus delivery, important!

    I just ordered something from the Wilkinson Plus website to my dad's address in the UK - about 2 days ago. Now the problem is that my dad won't be home till January the 10th, and but the package has to be signed, right? So could a friend of him be there instead and sign the package for him? Or won't that work?



    It will depend on the postie delivering. If the postie takes it back to the depot your dad will have 14 days to get there to pick it up.

    if they are in the house anyone can sign, i sign for my familys parcels all the time

    i go out all the time .. have alot of items to sign for most posties dont care they just wana finish work lol .. i wouldnt worry also if it signed for it will only be kept a week in most cases

    I work for royal mail. If there is someone in the house, it's ok for them to sign for parcel. Some posties won't leave a parcel if the person is under 18 but most of the time, even that's not a problem. At this time of year they have that many deliveries to do in a short space of time, they'd let the dog sign for it if your dad had one. If it goes to the depot/delivery office and requires signature, your dad would have to pick it up with id.
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