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    Quick question on this - I understand the bit about being followerd and folloeing people. But are you able to send a message or post a tweet to someone that is not one of your followers but someone you are following? How do you get someone to follow you - if you cannot tweet them how do they know you are on twitter? All very complicated. Thanks


    You can tweet (@) anybody.

    You can only direct message somebody that is following you (Irrespective of whether or not you are following them).

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    so how can I tweet anybody? where do I actually do this?


    so how can I tweet anybody? where do I actually do this?

    Say you wanted to tweet HUKD.

    You'd write @HotUKDeals and then your message, then press Tweet (Or whatever the client you are using stipulates, perhaps send etc.).

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    if i do the above can i see in my profile what I have put on other peoples pages - if not how can i tell what has got through?

    If you send a tweet to another user - it will show up if you click onto your profile and look at the tweets you have sent.
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