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Posted 25th Jun 2021
Hi. Just a quick one.
I purchased a phone through eBay and I've tested it on wifi. Everything seems fine with it.
I then rang EE to get it unlocked, knowing I had to pay £8.99 as it says on their website.

The person on the phone said I couldn't do this. Only the account holder could. That I should ask them to ring EE and request an unlocking. There would be no charge. The phone wasn't blocked BTW. They checked the IMEI number.

What I wanted to ask was if anyone had also had this experience?
The information given by the advisor is different than what it says on their website.

If I can't get the seller to ring EE, can I unlock the phone any other way?
Do you think I should ring back and hope to speak to someone else? Is it their error?

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