question about usb hard drives on xbox

    i have a seagate usb external hard drive and was using it on my xbox 360 with a partition of fat32 to play divx,
    but about 2 weeks ago i messed up all the partitions on my usb and laptop when trying to make a bootable partiton on the usb.

    Anyway i got everything back but upgraded to windows 7 from vista and now ive reformatted the drive and it has 3 partitions the first is fat32 for the xbox but everytime i plug it into the xbox it just wont detect it on the portable device tab.
    I'm thinking maybe it may be the latest xbox update for the kinect thats put a block on it or a problem with the hard drive since the crash i had.
    Doe's anybody know if the latest xbox update has put a block on something?
    oh yeah my 2gb flash pen works ok and even if i burn them to disc,

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    Its just the hdd. Not sure what you have to do though.
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