question about vacuum packs

    Me and my friends are going to go camping and we have limited space 1 would a vacuum pack save much space for towels and duvets and second how would we re-vacuum them after the camping trip?

    cheers in advance!


    If you don't have a vacuum I don't see how you'd be able to re-vacuum them.

    Might be able to use one of these in the deflation mode.…UMP

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    Might be able to use one of these in the deflation … Might be able to use one of these in the deflation mode.

    ooo good idea! I'm sure someone i know might have one of those so ill give it ago

    cheers rep added

    It'll def help to save space. I have one of those that's basically a HUGE ziplock bag without a special hole to insert the vacuum cleaner. I just seal most of it, leave a space for the vacuum cleaner and slowly pull it out. If i dont have a vacuum cleaner with me, i just end up sitting on it, and sealing the last bit when I've got all the air I can out.

    If you're really pushed, kneel down, get the tube in your mouth and get your mate to kick you in the cheeky bits.

    Sharp intake of breath should collapse the bag nicely


    Might be able to use one of these in the deflation … Might be able to use one of these in the deflation mode.

    Hmmm...I don't think thats a goer...these pumps only pump in/suck out as much air as they can get through their tiny vents at the back. I have one that I use for camping - just to save me filling it by mouth...but seriously, I can both breathe and suck harder than the pump can.

    It certainly won't create the suction to reduce the size of your vac bags...the ickle pump will prob burn out first!

    My question is, why the hell are you taking duvets? Take a sleeping bag - those pack small in their little sacks, and then go and buy a camping towel - these are super small, super absorbent towels that take up minimum space in your packing...get one down Blacks or Millets...

    honestly, who takes duvets camping? Are you actually going camping?

    Honestly...who throws a shoe?

    *chuckles to self*

    cant you lie on the vacuum bag to force out the air


    Honestly...who throws a shoe?*chuckles to self*

    lol. yeah you got me

    What you need is a couple of compression sacks and possibly a canoe bag to keep everything water proof or free from contamination. :thumbsup:

    Compression sacks work well and come with most large sleeping bags, there are larger ones that are normally aimed at military or extreme sport users. Some of these are waterproof also, problems you will have with these are that they hold the water inside if you put in dirty wet cloths. The normal ones are handy for extracting water from wet cloths and sleeping bags by compressing then fully, from experience the end result is just a little bit damp and soon drys after you have slept in it for a couple of hours.
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