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Found 10th Sep 2017
Random, odd question.

I need some stuff from Wickes, the total value of which allows for free delivery (which is good otherwise it would mean two trips). One of the items my local store is out of stock but another store 9 miles away is in stock.

Which of these would apply given the situ...
A/ Everything will come next day
B/ The stuff my local has will arrive next day but the OOS item will arrive the following day
C/ The stuff my local has will arrive next day but the OOS item will get cancelled
D/ Other (please elaborate).

Thanks for any input
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Not sure what the answer is, but your question reads like a 1980's gcse exam paper!
Edited by: "Dyslexic_Dog" 10th Sep 2017
you could call your local store and ask but it may all come from a different store for next day delivery.
dozstanford2 m ago

I tried 3 times between 10am and 11am sadly it just rang off.

call the other store that is 9 miles away. they will know what the process is if your local is not answering the phone. a lot of shops don't answer phone enquiries, you may just have to go to the store itself.
dozstanford3 m ago

Thanks for making me feel old

No worries, but if it makes you feel better I bet I'm older than you!
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