Question: Buffalo Drivestation 1TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive

    I'm wondering what the cheapest price for this hard drive is? The best that I could find was on for £76.95 delivered.

    Does anybody know where this could be purchased for less?

    One last thing - would I be able to use this hard drive (or any external hard drive, for that matter) with my Xbox 360? I understand that I can stream media from it, but what I would also like to know is if I could also use it as an actual hard drive in order to save game files to, etc?

    Many thanks.


    Not sure about this one - but there is a Toshiba 1TB drive for sale at £75.99 + 3% off with voucher.

    Link is ]here on forum.

    Dont think you can save game files to an external drive on xbox 360 no.
    Heard some bad reviews on this drive, on saying that I bought the iomega 1tb from tesco for 68.50 and it gets bad reviews, so far touch wood this one has been ok. :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Great. Thanks, guys!

    As you figured, an external hdd can only be used to store media and play it on the 360, game saves have to be stored on a hdd or a memory, nothing else.
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