Question for anyone with a Wise Account about paying for Netflix e.t.c..

Posted 14th Jun 2022
I've just opened a Wise account which I'd like to use to pay for the various services like Netflix, YouTube e.t.c.. and I was wondering if anyone has done the same and if you've had any hassle getting things sorted ?

Do you have to wait for your physical card or can you use the virtual one ?

I've just done a quick test to see if I can add the virtual card as my Netflix backup payment method and got the inevitable "There seems to be a problem" message but I haven't quite got time to do the live chat thing at the moment.

Any tips or tricks would be very welcome, thankyou.
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    it could be because you've only just opened the account. maybe try to give 24hrs.
    Good idea. I'm definitely interested in the possibility of using it to get Deezer for one thing.
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    Well that was quick. I’ve already closed if

    I was experimenting to see if you could pay for Deezer via the Turkish currency account and you can’t so I’m not going to keep it.
    I was going to do the same
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    was you able to fix the netflix issue with wise card? because i am having the same issue right now
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