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Found 11th Feb 2011
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I am thinking of booking a cruise for the 4th June for 14 days, its a Mediterranean cruise leaving from Southampton.

The dilemma I have is that the estate agent says I will be centrally situated in an inside cabin on the Vista deck (all decks for passengers are above the waterline).

I am interested in the penthouse deck and the agent has said there is one vacant. It is more expensive than the Vista deck and is beneath the pools and spas as opposed to the being near the discos and the theatres and entertainment. Which suggests that it would be more quiet but it is more expensive (about £100 more). The agent has recommended the Vista deck over the Penthouse deck which is why I would like advice from anyone who has been on a cruise.

Does any one has any experience of either higher or lower decks on a cruise boat? Also any other useful tips/advice or experience regarding cruises would be appreciated.

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You mention an estate agent, are you buying the cabin?

I must say that I think that I would enjoy a cruise but I would be anxious about the amount of tipping required as well as any dress codes, I don't own a suit let alone a dinner jacket etc.

you dont have to tip, its included in your fees at the end of the cruise, maybe $35 or something like that.
Usually you cant buy anything with cash, you get these special cards, like credit cards that you pay for at the end,

Suits and smart dress are essential yeah. no riff raff! You can rent themonboard tho!!

not all cruises require a dress code at all times obviously, so you can lounge around until the evening.
i thouroughly enjoyed both my cruises and would highly reccomend one to anybody.

first time lower deck, second time higher deck. both were clean well maintained and suited our purpose! Sleeping!
there is so much to do on the cruise the only time we were in the cabin was to sleep.
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I don't know why I put estate agent when I am thinking travel agent.
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