Question for anyone with Uggs

I often see people in the boots and their heels seem to come off the sole on the inside of their feet and the boot crumples around the ankle is this just the fakes or do genuine uggs have no support either?

Thanks guys


they'd be the fakes - u can spot them a mile off lol, had mine a year and lived in them and they still look fab! They need a good clean mindue! Cost a lot but id say they worth it - so so comfy xxx

Do you mean where the soles wear down on one side because people scuff along in them instead of walking properly?

If so, that'll be fakes/cheap versions. I've had mine for a couple of years now and they're perfectly fine, bit dirty because I've never washed them, but perfect otherwise.

Alot of the cheap copies do not have strong enough (if any) heel protectors and end up being stamped down.

Genuine Ugg Australia boots and other better makes like EMU etc are made much better

I've got uggs and a couple of cheap pairs from next. In my experience the ones from next are almost as good especially as they only cost £30 pair. They dont look bad either as they are proper suede.
They're much better than wrecking the proper ones in the muddy country village where I live!
So I've got a proper pair for best and cheaper ones for everyday.
But best to avoid those ones from primark at all costs. My 11yr old daughter bought a pair and they got wrecked in a matter of days.

After re-reading my post I realised how much of a country bumpkin I sound like!!! OO ARR!!

I've got a question - Don't they stink ?

Seriously though. You see people wearing these in mild, warm weather. Surely your feet get too hot.

I'd imagine they smell like 'old mans slippers'


I've got a question - Don't they stink ?Seriously though. You see people … I've got a question - Don't they stink ?Seriously though. You see people wearing these in mild, warm weather. Surely your feet get too hot.I'd imagine they smell like 'old mans slippers'

The real ones are fine (well mine have been anyway). The suede ones I have are also fine.

But the really cheap synthetic ones stink like hell. My friend came round in the summer and there was a terrible odour coming from them...:w00t:

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Thanks guys so the real ones have support around your heel and ankle is that right? as the fakes just have the soft material and the sole


cant believe the price of these things over here, i lived in ox for over 5 years and they cost about 30 quid over there.

when my australian gf saw the price she nearly died.... upto 200 quid here

yes its a common fault with ugg boots that they fall over to the side due to the lack of support in them and that is the real ones as bought in oz

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my brother lives in oz shame we dont talk or i could get him to send me a pair lol

Anyone looking for real ugg boots for cheaper price should go to Come from China mind you but you can pay through paypal and arrive about a week or 2 later. Got mine for £48 all in, not bad. Hope this helps someone.
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