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Found 15th Jun 2008
Recently the housing of my left gear lever (3-speed) on my bike cracked and now the cable has come free. I was going to take it to get repaired at my local bicycle repair centre, but i've decided that since i'll have lots of time on my hands now that im nearly finished my exams i should try and fix my bike myself.

So if anyone would be able to point me in the right direction at a good set of gear levers (3x8) preferably without the brake levers as currently i have seperate brake and gear levers and would like to keep it this way as it means i'll have less spare parts lying around whch could get lost or broken.

Also would someone be able to tell me how easy it is to change the gear levers and properly set up the gears to get all of the gears changing smoothly as currently the right hand gear change doesnt work correctly at times as sometime it will automatically change gear.

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The late Sheldon Brown is the urban legend of mountain biking and his site below has a full how-to on bike maintenance...…tml

and i assume your looking for a pair like this, rapid fire style. if so XT range is super reliable....…465

if not is a great site and stocks loads of gear....
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