Question for car experts ~ Tinted windows??

    I've notice Pretty much all new cars have tinted windows at the back/rear windows , Why ???
    REP GIVEN as usual.....



    to block the sun


    privacy glass

    Passenger comfort and driver safety........

    Stop the glare of the sun

    Backseat action :thumbsup:


    Backseat action :thumbsup:


    so the feds cant see you burning a spliff

    so the car drives better i think

    Supposedly increases the value/popularity of the car? makes it look modern

    Btw, i'm not a car expert....

    It increases the fuel economy.

    Mine is 35% tint on the "sportier" model apparently. Don't notice it really.

    Original Poster

    REP given to all..... Thanks......:thumbsup:.......... But it still leaves me baffled.......:?


    It is illegal to tint the front side windows nowadays, so only the back is done

    Its purely for aesthetics
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