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Found 20th Jan 2011
I am decorating our home at the moment and starting to paint the skirting boards and door frames.

Can any experienced decorators out there telll me whether I always have to paint a coat of undercoat before painting the gloss or can I just paint the new gloss over the old existing one. Will that make any difference to the finish?


If you want a decent job, best to use undercoat first.

If not, rub existing gloss with sandpaper, to give a 'key' for the new paint to stick to and use non drip gloss, as this covers better.

Also, always wash the woodwork first, to remove any grease and grime.

I am not a professional decorator .. but do paint my own house every so often

I'm not an expert but I think if you are painting the same colour you can probably get away with just rubbing the old one down to take the shine off and give the new coat something to adhere to.

If it's already painted then there's less need for the undercoating but you may get a better finish with one if it's a drastically different colour to the new paint. You will still need to rub it down a little as described above whichever you do.

Do you really need to paint the skirtings? I think the look of just the natural wood is much nicer. My old skirtings were painted and omg how boring a job when repainting them!

Am decorating my bedroom OP so I feel your pain!

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Thanks for all your comments guys, I think I will do the undercoat to give a better finish. Me and the Mrs are expecting our first born, so want his/hers room to look nice.

Currently decorating our new house room by room.

I normally sand all the wordwork down, ie doors, skirting and window sills, then clean with a damp cloth to get the dust etc off, then dry with a tea towel.

Then ready to paint with the gloss.

You can paint over existing gloss but it seems easier to apply and has a nicer finish when it has been rubbed down.

I was bought a dulux paint pod for christmas, great invention, so much quicker to paint the walls, ceiling etc and easy to clean. Would definately recommend one if your painting not papering.
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