Question for electrician on bathroom fan

Found 17th Sep 2017
I've a scheider extractor fan with a timer board which I suspect is faulty. When I check voltage on the 2 wires to the motor I'm seeing no voltage (when fan turned on at wall switch). There's a capacitor on the PCB board which has leaked so suspect this is the problem. I'm having real problems sourcing a direct replacement fan which will have same mounting holes (don't appear to sell anymore and I don't want to drill new holes if I can avoid). so I was thinking of bypassing the timer and just using the fan and control it from the wall switch on/off. There are 2 brown and 1 blue wires going into connector block in fan. How would I go about connecting the 2 wires from the motor to the 3 wires which are going into the unit?
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Why not replace the capacitor ?
If you have 3 wires going into the unit they are....

1 brown permanant live (so the fan can continue to run after switching off)
1 brown switched live (to start the fan and the timer for the fan overrun)
1 blue neutral

So if you're going to bypass the timer controls you need to connect the 'switched live' and neutral to the motor.

if you are not sure which of the two lives is which you will need a multimeter to see which on is live with the "switch" off.
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Thanks for the info Van1973, that makes sense, I can work it out with my multimeter
no earth?
mas9914 h, 15 m ago

no earth?

The earth wire into the fan is present but not connected up, it's a 10 year old house, regs mustn't require for extractor fans to be earthed?
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