Question for PC gamers about the new amd ZEN processors

Does anybody know anything about if they will be releasing motherboard/processor bundles or if I should be looking for a motherboard separately? I'm just wondering now as it involves buying new RAM aswell and id like to split the costs if possible.


Of course separately. AMD is not manufacture of motherboards like Intel. Even if any shops will sell it in some bundle I don't think it will be worthy enough. Buy it all separately and be happy due this free choice of every item, instead of buying what someone else will match for you. I might have some grammar/language mistake in here, hope it does make sense to you
Oh...and wait for them, be patient. I like AMD but I don't think ZEN will be worth to buy. All depends of a price, but if you are a gamer you might save yourself a time and just go with Intel instead.
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you know I have never gone intel, and amd are so far behind maybe I should have but I just have hope for the zen series. maybe ill wait and see how the zen pans out. I can always get RAM anyway if I know which the motherboards will have, likely ddr4.

I know I could find out this out with some extensive googling so thanks for getting back to me!

Bundles are created by the shop, they're nothing to do with the CPU or motherboard manufacturers. I don't see any reason why shops that currently offer bundles won't also offer them with Summit Ridge and Raven Ridge processors. (Zen-based FX and APU processors respectively).

Some variants of Zen will undoubtedly support DDR3 as well as DDR4, it's too early to drop it entirely. If you have a large amount of DDR3 I wouldn't be replacing it just yet unless you're gaming on the integrated graphics which may well see a significant boost from DDR4.

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Everything else is great, I have a 980TI for graphics but I cant run mafia 3, dishonoured 2 as my current processor doesn't support SSE4.1 but I'm expecting a new process or is new motherboard, new ram. 16gb ddr3 ram but not the fastest I think ill try be patient and wait and see what happens after Christmas.
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