Question for someone that owns "SHOOTER Blu Ray DVD"

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Found 6th Sep 2007
Hi, this is a strange question. But anyone that owns Shooter on Blu Ray (the film with mark wahlberg)

Can it be played in german, I realise on websites like HMV it says it hasn't got German as a language option and on the back of the dvd case it just says English, French & Spanish as the languages but I am sure I have heard it has german on too, someone told me it only says on the BR disc menu.

To see if it has german you will see on the Blu Ray disc menu (not the case) if someone has got that dvd can you please look for me.

I know this is a strange question, I've just got a work transfer to Berlin next year and need to refresh my German and I just wanted to see before buying the disc (as I would have to open the dvd case to find out, so if it didn't have german on I couldn't return it)

Thanks in advance

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