Question for the mods or Paul

    Iv made a fan club on Bebo, its all about the what tunes you remember from years ago that has stuck in your head or what you remember of your childhood years etc lol

    is it ok to put the link to it here?


    I think generally it hinges on whether there is self-promo/money to be made?

    Original Poster

    Nothing at all like that Paul, im not promoting anything all im doing is trying to revive our childhood years with dance videos and there is also a bit where you can write down your memory of being younger
    like trying to get into a club when you were under age...we all tried it,
    or walking up the road with a kebab and you end up dropping it (which iv done) NOOOooo !! lol

    Ill put the link down anyway in a new thread and if you think its unsuitable then no harm done !

    oh and no im not making any money out of, its just a bit of fun.

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