Question for those with a modded xbox 360

    I have a modded xbox 360 on which I can play bootlegged games, downloaded and burned onto DL-DVD's.
    It is not banned to XBL.

    What I want to know is what is going to cause me to be banned?
    1. Playing the bootlegged games on Live?
    2. Playing original games on Live?
    3. Just connecting to Live while in the dashboard?
    4. Installing certain xbox updates (if so, which)?
    5. Any other reason I could get banned?

    Any information would be helpful!
    Whether you are making a guess, or talking from experience, or speaking hard facts then can you please make it apparent in your reply.

    Thanks all!


    I think some mods have a thing that protects you from being banned from live, I may be wrong but its a sort of ghost feature.

    Loving the avatar btw :-D

    even im in the avatar now hehe. basicly playing online will get you banned. dont download anything for as long as you can and that will delay it

    Problem is there are no hard facts, as Microsoft have not released their criteria for the ban hammer. People got banned in all shapes and sizes, basically upon connection to the XBL servers. It's more pot luck than anything else I'd say.

    Original Poster

    harmzz;1955876 will answer ur … will answer ur questions

    Cheers for that link, very very helpful!

    not a good idea to disclose the fact that you are now playing GTA4 lol to anyone :P

    Original Poster

    I've not actually got round to downloading GTA IV yet! I think I will buy it anyway.

    Im tempted to either buy xbox or ps3 just to play GTA IV , but does anyone know if the game will come out on the PC??? if so when??

    Ahh what to do , wait or waste £300 and play it now lol

    Not really a keen gamer but i like this game and war games
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