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Found 13th Oct 2005
Hoping somebody feels as I do.

I ordered an item on Sunday evening. The payment for the item along with UK postage stated were sent immediately by Paypal. I chose this item becasue the seller stated on the item page that issue would be within 24 hours of payment. Emailing today (I really need the item by tomorrow - after that, it's of no use to me whatsoever)he tells me that the item will be dispatched tomorrow 'cos he only visits the post office on Fridays and I should have checked because I live in N Ireland. Oh yes, and it costs him extra to send to NI. (That's a new Royal Mail rule for me!). Do you think I'm in my right to cancel the order, or am I leaving myself open to a lot of grief? We're only talking 20 quid total, but it's a matter of principle.
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I can't say I'm a veteran eBayer but I think I'd cancel the order if I was you. It said 24h in the item listing yet he apparently only goes to the post office once a week?!! Not sure how to cancel it though if you've already sent PayPal. I suppose tell him your intentions and ask for a PayPal refund (easy to do). If he doesn't then start a dispute with PayPal and they will freeze his money.

Depends on how worked up he would get though as he might leave you a negative eval..of course then you could leave him one too...just get him to leave yours first or don't leave one until he does.
That was my thought too. Though the tone of his emails so far makes me think that the feedback will result in a problem. I don't think he's the sort who would understand the term 'amicable agreement'.
lol.. yeah that's why I'd say don't leave it at all or wait until he leaves it that gives you the option to give him a neg back if he gives you one.

I've used PayPal in a dispute before and it was easy, just start filing it and they will freeze the payment and then he can settle it to free it up again.

Not the fun way to do it though
I've just emailed him to ask him if he will be willing to cancel the order. I mentioned that I am in contact with ebay's help and support desk to ascertain the validity of the order on the grounds of mis-information. It can only go one of two ways. Here's hoping he doesn't totally lose it with me! Ibe bought narly 100 items from ebay in the past three years and this is the first trader who has let me down. Maybe i've just been lucky so far.
Well let us know how it goes!

Anyone else have advice?
I think you are in the right for asking him to cancel the order, if he clearly states that postage will be within 24 hours of payment and he hasn't kept to his agreement then you are 100% in the right! You have nothing wrong so I can't see how he can leave negative feedback. Let us know how you get on.
Great news! I rec'd a reply saying that he'll cancel the order and refund via paypal tonight. All I gotta do now is explain to 75 kids at tomorrow night's campfire & bar-b-q why I don't have the 500 glowsticks I promised them. Thanks for your input.
Maybe try posting an urgent deal request in the Deal Request forum? give your location and someone might know...

Offhand I think poundland has them for sure but I'm not sure how many you get for £1...
Try looking at any pound shops if you have any near you. Quite a few of these "bargain" shops have glow sticks. If you buy £20 worth then you might not get as many, but there'll be enough for at least one each.

Might try that out - I've been through ebay looking for a N Ireland trader in the hope that I could collect. But there are none
stationary box stock them too, don't know if they have shops in N Ireland though.

good luck
From .39p each here: CLICK along with next day deliveery and you can telephone your order too.

Despatch & Delivery All UK orders are sent out on a Next Day … Despatch & Delivery All UK orders are sent out on a Next Day Delivery.Orders outside the UK to Ireland, Europe and the USA can expect to wait a couple more days for the goods to arrive.

A good idea to call them rather than online order.
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