Question for Xbox One S Owners

    I am thinking of investing in a xbox one s. One thing that put me off the xbox one original was the length of installation time. It took half a day to install Fifa etc. I am wondering if this is still the case for the xbox one s?


    Digital version? The time it takes is dependant on your internet. Took me about 30mins to download.

    I think it's dependant on your Internet speed?


    No it didn't at all. Like others have said, all to do with your connection. I'm on a 70mb connection and it's always done within 2 hours.

    They fixed those install times years ago. As others have stated it will now depend on your internet speed as all games have patches to install.

    When you install game never choose "update now", when you choose to do update while installing it will take much longer than install game first and then update it.
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    Ah right. Thanks for the heads up guys.

    Wish my fifa took half a day, try 25+ hours!! Seriously, sky have nearly sorted it now!
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