Question game

Taken from the show 'who's line is it anyway'

The idea of this game is to answer and converse in just questions.

EG, How, are you?
Why you asking?
Why do you want to know?

Etc, etc


Are you being serious?

Original Poster Banned

Would loads of silly questions be posted?

Isn't that the reason I editted my previous post?

Original Poster Banned

Why did you do that?

Didn't it come across as being a bit harsh?

Original Poster Banned

It makes my response look silly, dont you think?

Will you accept my apology?

Original Poster Banned

Would it make any difference if I did?

Can anyone join in?

Could you express yourself a little better?

Can monkeys do that?

Have you ever tried to reason with one?

Original Poster Banned

Why would you reason with a monkey?

Will I get paid?

Original Poster Banned

How much? £500?

Original Poster Banned


Will i get the banana?

What for £500?

Are you willing to behave?

Can you wait until I come back from Tesco?

Will he give it to you for a banana? :?

Do you think I'm made of money?

Where does the sun set?

Who wants to know?

Have any of you even watched Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Which series?

H u h?

Edit - Ok, I see you've fixed your link now?

Whats the matter?

With who?

Why do you ask?

Original Poster Banned

ASk, what?

How are you all today?

I'm off to Asda, does anyone want anything?

Whats on special?

Do you not like being called that?

Isn't that the question you need to answer?

If it isn't, what is?

Original Poster Banned


If it isn't, what is?

Who knows?
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