Question - if I need security on my pc when using the internet, why dont I need it on my phone ?

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Found 3rd Oct 2010
I use different security programmes on various computers, avast, panda etc, but as I now use my phone a lot on wi-fi and mobile broadband, at home, at my parents, at friends etc - should I have some security program on my phone ?? And if so, what, how etc etc ?? What does everyone else do ? I havent heard anything anywhere about security programmes for phones ... is it just that i'm not listening or is this something that no-one bothers about ?


Good question.

There has been a virus already that attacks phones, it was something to do with making the phone text or ring premium numbers by its self. The tech behind it was recycled and was used way back in the day of dial up modems.

Its another area that no doubt will get swomped i think as phones become more like computers and the hackers/theifs get more into it.

Opps forgot to say. Ive only got a basic phone so I dont need any security, but I can see why your questioning it.
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It just seems odd that we can connect to the internet so many ways with so many devices, but the only ones we actually protect are our computers ! In our house alone there's 3 mobiles, xbox 360, ipod touches, wii's all unsecured but available to the internet .... scary stuff when you think about it !


there are anti viruses for mobile phones. have been out for years.

different ones for different phones though.

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Are there ? Where are they and what are they ? Are they effective and why does no-one ever mention them ? Tried google but couldnt find much info really of any help.

There have been attacks on phones, most are probably iPhone attacks as everyone seems to have them nowadays (BAA).

But attacking phones is harder as there are tons of OSs (Andriod, iOS, Symbian, Meego, Windows Mobile and the upcoming WP7) so it makes it harder for attackers when they could attack laptops which only have 1 of 3 primary OSs (Windows, OSX and Linux). Plus people tend to bank on computers more than phones, and that's what they are REALLY after.

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Good points, thanks Lost, it just occurred to me earlier and I wondered why I hadnt seen anything anywhere



Are there ? Where are they and what are they ? Are they effective and why … Are there ? Where are they and what are they ? Are they effective and why does no-one ever mention them ? Tried google but couldnt find much info really of any help.…ng/

I was reading an article in Time magazine last week about this netqin group and how they are providing antivirus for nokia phones bundled with the device... so essentially, they are going to make **** loads of money.


and also in the android space there has been malware in some fake apps

and some groups are getting really concerned with the amount of access rights apps request when installing. a keyboard app for example could send all of your keystrokes back to the developer, some internet browsers go through a central server to be rendered for the device, think skyfire/ opera mobile. and so all this data could be stored/read by these companies.

google pretty much has access to everything you own on your mobile

and i think the same can be said for apple with regards to information. (I don't claim to be an expert on apple) there have also been many reports of vulnerabilities in the iOS. including a virus that would send itself to other people in your address book and there was a way to read other peoples text messages or something.

so in summary, it does happen, people have come up with safeguards, it does come up in the news and now that you've brought up the topic you'll probably notice it in the news shortly.

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Thanks Byker, interesting stuff - I've noticed apps asking for access when installing them and did wonder about this. I'll definitely do some more reading up - and be careful what I install

I have lookout and antivirus on my HTC desire
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