Question- Is there a big difference between full hd and hd ready on a 32 inch tv.

Found 26th May 2012
There is quite a big price gap and i am putting it in a bedrrom
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What's your source gonna be?
HD Ready = 1280 x 720 resolution (usually (1366x768 though)
Full HD = 1920 x 1080 resolution

Consult this diagram to see if you'll really benefit from the 1080p screen

(Obviously if you have Blu-Rays go for the 1080p display!)

1080p is much better, spend extra for the 1080p trust me.
1080p is better than 720p but you will see such little difference, if at all on a 32" that is the price differential between the two purchases is great, then you would still be happy with 720p.

There are other more important specs that would define the value of each purchase.
As the first respondant asks, it does depend on your source. If all you are going to do is watch tv it doesn't matter as no broadcast is made in true HD, not sky, virgin or freesat. The only benefit is from a bluray player. I would guess for the bedroom blu ray is not top of the list so get what looks good to you.
Only if you're viewing something from a 1080p source (blu-ray player). If it's for Freeview, Sky, Xbox 360, PS3 then I wouldn't bother. Save your cash an invest it in your next living room TV.
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if your using it for a pc, a huge difference
Also you could buy a good 720 set such as a decent spec'd Panasonic or Samsung and it would be way better than a budget 1080p set. Such as a Cello or Technicka or whatever they are.
spend the extra, then you wont have to constantly think "what if"
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