Question name the title of the horror film below?

Found 28th Jul 2010

A few months ago when I was at the cinema I saw a trailer for a horror film. All can remember is a amerian Dina cafe, there is a old lady, nan sitting at the table and all of a sudden she jumps onto the ceiling and her head spins completely around and she darts around really fast. Thought it was the crazies but after just watching that it's not the one. Anyone know what film this is? Apprecaite your help in advance. Thanks.





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Ahhhh thanks so much. That's the one. Cheers :-) .

Legion with Paul Bethany;)

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That's the one, thanks so much. Cheers.

I think it might be Legion?

Oops bit late, were no replies when I looked in here
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drag me to hell ??? maybe



It's "Legion" (not a bad film imho).

Terrible film couldn't stay awake through it.

and naff it was - the same guy and prod team behind it have teamed up for a new movie called priest coming out next year..priest actually looks pretty good (has a cool bike!)




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Legion I think.

Fairly good flick to watch.

It's the Legion

wait - has someone already mentioned this?

Paul bettany is quite good in it too..

Not sure if it's already been said, but I think its Legion oO

Is that not the movie with Paul Bettany when he is an Angel?

'Legion' I think it's called, never seen it but I remember a possessed granny from a trailer.

What's with all the posts disappearing then reappearing?


What's with all the posts disappearing then reappearing?

Same here. I wouldn't of posted otherwise. Was totally empty when I came to post.
Makes it look like all of us are trying to drill the answer into the OP and attempting to look smart for it.
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