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OK some I'm venturing into the world of "Newsgroups"
Any good free ones to try out?
I know a lot of them do a free trial but was wondering if there are any truly frees ones out there?

Is so, what you using & how good

thanks 2scoops2


None of them are free, most do a capped free trial though to test speeds etc.

Giganews for one. I'm using newsgroupdirect as they're cheap.

Whatever you decide, make sure you pay for ssl encryption

there are free ones but from what I've heard they are terrible for missing files bad retention they obviously won't have ssl - not worth trying if you are trying to download files

This might help you compare a few deals


plenty of info on this sort of thing over here :-


This is a no-brainer. Astraweb do an $11 (Compared to $29.99 with giganews for the same) monthly account. 20 connections, free SSL, totally uncapped/unlimited, 436 days retention, 99% completion. Not as many groups as Giganews but I guarantee the one you want will be there (unless you're up to........:-D).
I've been with them for months without the slightest problem.…RsQ


PS, is is guaranteed to stay at $11 per month for as long as the account stays active.

Original Poster

thansk for all the repsonses, have some rep guys/gals


i use astraweb, never looked back since i changed last year.


If you are with virgin you can get them free, only have a 7 day retention though.
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